British High Commissioner announces how long it now takes to get UK visa

She claims that the wait times are getting shorter and that obtaining a visa currently takes “an average of five weeks.”

She apologized for the lengthy waits that UK visa applicants had to endure in recent months, claiming that a number of circumstances were to blame.

These, according to her, are a result of the strain brought on by the crisis in Afghanistan a year ago and the influx of migrants following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, according to Thompson, those applying for visas won’t have to wait as long once the UK’s priority service resumes.

In a yet-to-air interview on JoyNews’ The Probe, she stated, “I am really glad to say the priority visa service is back in Ghana and that is across all of the categories.

“…the waiting times are decreasing, and I apologize for the current delay in reaching the UK.”

But I want to make sure people are aware that they can apply for their visa up to three months in advance of their anticipated travel date, she continued.

There is no need to wait until you have flights booked because the visa will begin when the travel really occurs.

It was discovered in June that fresh candidates cannot be scheduled for interviews at the US and Canadian embassies in Accra until April or May 2025.

According to the aforementioned embassies, the earliest time a person will be scheduled for an interview if they apply for a US or Canadian visa in Accra is in April or May of 2025.

Some Ghanaians expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation and petitioned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration for assistance as a result.

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