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Bright Simons: Ghana card has become a tool to infringe on peoples rights

Bright Simons, the vice president of IMANI Africa, has accused the government of violating citizens’ rights by employing the National Identification Card (also known as the Ghana card).

He believed that the installation of the card was a wise decision designed to simplify life for citizens.

Mr. Simons pointed out that it is unjust for the government to need it as the only document for any other registration process.

“We [IMANI Africa] have long supported the card because many individuals cannot afford passports and other identification documents that demonstrate their Ghanaian citizenship.

Therefore, he said, “a free national multipurpose card is a terrific idea, but it should come to enhance and enrich people’s life instead of becoming another tool used by the wealthy to oppress poor people.”

The Ghana Card is now the only document that may be used to demonstrate your nationality in a variety of fields.

Apart from the Bank of Ghana, which declared the card to be the accepted method of payment in all financial institutions in the nation, the Communications Ministry urged everyone to register their SIM cards with Ghana Cards.

Due to the disruption this drill caused in various parts of the nation throughout trade, the government was forced to twice push back the deadline.

The Electoral Commission recently made a suggestion that the National Identification Card would be the only document necessary to obtain voter identification.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), the opposition, has fought the decision, but the EC is determined to carry it out.

The Vice President, however, asserted that the EC’s choice is illogical.

On JoyNews’ Newsfile, Mr. Simons questioned why the current leadership of EC rejects any recommendations made by pertinent stakeholders.

Election commissions come and go, but this is the first time we have an EC that outright refuses to consult with stakeholders on any issue of national importance.

He said, “Every time they have an idea and someone has a valid issue, they dismiss it and try to utilize authority to bulldoze through.”

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