Bride and groom who died 30 years ago ‘wed’ in lavish ceremony

In India, the families of the bride and groom attended an extravagant wedding ceremony for a couple who passed away 30 years prior.

A Twitter user from India used the microblogging service to record the wedding.

In his culture, when a person passes away young, their family can search for the family of another deceased person of the opposite sex so their dead offspring can get married, he explained.

The same, he said, is done for newborns who pass away during delivery. The parents of two dead infants can agree that their children will marry when they are older.

Even though these people have passed away, he claimed that finding them a new deceased spouse is not always simple because some families may not agree to match their deceased child with another deceased child.

He claimed that the parents of one dead boy forbade their dead son from marrying a dead woman because she was older than him due to her earlier birth.

The family of the deceased spouse is seen performing all the wedding customs on behalf of their deceased relatives in recordings from the recently performed wedding for the deceased pair.

Personal objects that symbolized the departed bride and groom were placed on each chair for the deceased pair.

This ceremony is supposed to be a custom to honor the life the deceased would have had if they hadn’t passed away so soon.

To view footage from the wedding, go to the post below.

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