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Blame govt’s indebtedness to suppliers over shortage of premix fuel — Minority

According to Eric Opoku, the ranking member on the food and agriculture committee of parliament, the severe premix fuel shortage was brought on by the government’s lack of budgetary restraint and debt to service providers dating back to 2021.

The lack of premix gasoline has made fishing in the nation’s fishing towns impossible.

Premix fuel is unavailable to fishermen, which has resulted in a wide variety of problems.

Premix fuel is in low supply because the government is unable to pay the bulk distribution companies (BDCs) who provide it their debts.

While most fishermen have abandoned their canoes, a select handful have resorted to buying gasoline and combining it with engine oil to power their craft in order to continue fishing.

The local economy is being negatively impacted by the situation, according to the fisherman.

Due to the product’s scarcity, several fisherman in coastal villages progressively came to an end.

Despite having the funds to buy fuel at the going rate of GH150 per gallon, they claimed they were unable to find the commodity.

The lack of premix gasoline has alarmed Ghana’s National Fisheries Association (NAFAG).

Richster Nii Amarh Amarfio, the secretary of the fishermen association, claimed that the contrived difficulties impacting the premix supply chain are grave and serious and have upset fishermen all over the nation.

Speaking on the news, Eric Opoku predicted that it would cause fish prices to rise in time for the Christmas holiday.

Premix fuel is currently in short supply in our nation. The lack of premix has caused the artisanal fishers to stop operating. The only explanation is that the people that provide the premix were not paid their arrears from the previous year and will not provide until they are. Because of this, there is a product shortage in Ghana.

“The lack of premix means that there will be a lack of fish and that the price of fish will rise, particularly as we get closer to Christmas,” he said.

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