‘Black Star players carry juju where ever they go’ – Blakk Rasta

The outspoken radio host claims that there is data to support the claim that the Black Stars team hires spiritual men for its matches.

The 3FM host referenced the controversy surrounding Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, the former minister of sport and current member of parliament for Asawase, who engaged a Muslim medium for the team.

According to him, the Black Stars faction has consistently had a juju man, a particular Christian spiritualist, or a certain Muslim spiritualist on one side. There was a Muslim with a bansiri during the reign of Muntaka. We recall the chichinga that took place under Muntaka’s reign.

“There’s a certain level of juju following the Black Stars everywhere they go,” he concluded. It’s not even something I want to call spirituality. In reality, it is only superstition. Do they have a juju man in their camp now that they are in Qatar?

Blakk Rasta also singled out Dede Ayew in a piece, recalling how several players thought that the Ghana Black Stars captain would push their luck if they moved in front of him.

“Do you remember when Dede Ayew was regarded as the top juju man? If Dede Ayew had not been the first person to enter the field, those players would not have entered. Some players were under the impression that he would steal their stars and score the goals they were supposed to.

Blakk Rast, however, asserts that these allegations made by players who indulge in such fear mongering are made by the uninformed.

“This is what you get when you have people who are illiterate playing football,” said the speaker. People who do not understand the distinction between spirituality and religion,” he said.

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