Black Sherif’s debut album “The Villain I Never Was” listed among The Fader 50 Best albums of 2022

The Fader’s list of the best-selling albums of the year included the album at number 49.

The 20-year-old young Ghanaian sensation’s album was featured on the same album as Beyoncé, Jockstrap, Rachika Nayar, Freddie Gibbs, Bad Bunny, and others.

The rapper Black Sherif’s debut EP is described in the article “The 50 best albums of 2022” by The Fader as follows: “After the international success of “Kwaku The Traveller” and a string of memorable features, Konongo-born Black Sherif was supposed to spend his summer performing at festivals throughout Europe.

But a creative spirit won out, and he was driven by a desire to finish his debut record back in Ghana. He therefore spent the rest of the year slinking between studios in Accra to finish his debut album, The Villain I Never Was, rather than giving ecstatic performances all over the world.

He previously admitted to THE FACE that he had “left it all to finish this record because I wanted to give it my all.” The Villain I Never Was is a coming-of-age letter from the quickly emerging rapper eager to make sense of and do away with the nihilistic public picture that his music has generated. It is as achingly honest as it is isolated.

Although “Oil In My Head” is accompanied by skittering percussion and thudding basslines, its subtext is an earnest cry for tranquility. He confesses that he messed up by letting someone he loved understand their power over him in the song “Toxic Love City.” A 20-year-old is navigating life, making new memories, and battling his demons in these writings.

The list of the top 50 albums of 2022 was just published by Audiomack, a global music streaming service with musicians from all over the world.

The collection included records by superstars like Wizkid, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee, The Weeknd, and other renowned singers but was primarily dominated by Afrobeats artists from Nigeria.

The Villain I Never Was by Ghanaian newcomer Black Sherif was the first Ghanaian album to be chosen as one of the top 50 albums of 2022.

Black Sherif’s spectacular 2022 comes to a perfect conclusion with this accomplishment.

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