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Billionaire Grandpa Finally Discharged From Hospital After Suffering From Hip Dislocation


Three weeks upon sustaining a bone dislocation when with a spouse, Billionaire Grand P has now been discharged from the hospital. The physician had already cleared him to be cared for in their apartment by Eudoxie Yao, who would also keep an eye on him.


A hip dislocation actually happened on August 31st when the famous celebrity was having fun with his Ivorian plump mistress. He’s doing so much better presently, but he still has trouble walking. A pledge and a promise were made by his beloved to his music lovers that she would look after him until he completely recovered.

Since openly announcing their love in 2020, the couple rose to fame. Because of their size and height differences, some people online taunted the couple, accusing them of tying the knot solely for financial gain. Other than people’s opinions, the couple said that they were content together because size was irrelevant to their relationship.


Despite growing up with dwarfism, Grand P does have a luxurious lifestyle even with his small height. Since announcing their relationship in the media, the musician and entertainer have left fans puzzled.

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