Biden administration has pledged $55 billion to Africa over next 3 years

President Joe Biden said his nation is “all in on Africa’s future” during the US-Africa Leaders summit that is now taking place in Washington.

The US president made the statements on Wednesday when addressing a summit of 49 African leaders, stating, “The United States benefits when Africa succeeds. Quite frankly, success extends to the entire world.”

In addition to his remarks, Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser at the White House, emphasized that the United States wants to assist African nations in achieving their own objectives.

Sullivan claims that over the next three years, the White House will provide $55 billion in aid to Africa in the areas of economic development, public health, and security.

Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor for the White House, speaks at the daily briefing on Monday, December 12, 2022, in Washington.
Sullivan declined to provide further information, stating that the White House will do so over the upcoming three days of bilateral and multilateral negotiations as well as a dinner that Biden would be hosting for his African counterparts at the White House.

According to the German news outlet DW, the announcement also includes an additional $800 million in public and private funding for digital growth in addition to a $100 million aid package for sustainable energy.

In the meantime, Cisco and its partner Cybastion announced ten cybersecurity contracts worth a combined $858 million, and credit card major Visa stated it will invest $1 billion in Africa to promote digital payments.

According to DW, Microsoft also said that it would start deploying satellites in Egypt, Senegal, and Angola to give millions of people access to the internet.

Sullivan stressed that the conference was not about other nations while making comments about the rivalry with China and Russia for influence and opportunity in Africa.

It won’t seek to compare and contrast, he declared.

“What we have to give will be the focus of this. It will be a good thing to say about the US and its relationship with Africa.

According to RFI, he added, “We are bringing the resources to the table in big quantities.”

Sullivan also mentioned that the United States would inform the visiting leaders that it favors inviting the African Union to join the exclusive G-20 nations and adding an African nation to the list of permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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