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Getting insurance coverage for your vehicle is one of the most important things to do. Apart from getting life insurance, home insurance, and any other insurance that protects your property, car insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance you need as long as you own a vehicle. The insurance will protect your vehicle in times of accident and pay for any damages and injuries that you may inflict on other people in the course of the accident. It is very importance
However, most people do not feel the need to purchase vehicle insurance until the very day that they need it. Insurance is the only thing that you can buy when you do not need it and you cannot buy when you need it. This means that when you need insurance, you cannot buy it at that particular moment.
Since having insurance for your vehicle is quite important, I have decided to present to you some of the best insurance companies in the country where you can purchase insurance coverage for your vehicle. But before we look at that, let us first look at the types of vehicle insurance that we have in the country.

Types of vehicle insurance
Below are the types of vehicle insurance coverage that you can get
1.Third-party policy
This is an insurance policy for the protection against the claims of another. This is a form of liability insurance that is purchased by an insured from the insurer to protect against the claims of a third party.

1.Comprehensive policy
A comprehensive insurance policy is a policy that gives peace of mind to the one who purchases it. it covers the compensations when your vehicle gets into an accident along with any other misfortune that may happen. When you purchase the comprehensive, it covers a whole lot for your vehicle.

Things to observe when selecting the best vehicle insurance company for your car
Before you choose an insurance company to purchase your vehicle insurance from them, you need to check out some things first. Below are some of the things you need to watch out for before you choose a particular insurance company to transact with.

1.Claim settlement ratio
This refers to the number of claims that have been settled by the vehicle insurance company out of all the claims that have been presented to it by customers during a particular financial year. the best insurance company to choose is one that has a high ratio of a claims settlement. This will assure you that in case, you reach a time when you need the insurance company to fulfill their obligations, they will be able to do so without much stress.

1.Financial ability
The insurance company you choose must have good financial availability. So before going with a particular insurance company, you should do your private research to make sure that the insurance company has its finances in check.

1.Customer support
There are insurance companies that offer their customers 24/7 support. Others offer their customers 5-day customer support. You should also get to know the kind of service offered by the insurance company before you consider them.

1.Online comparisons
Before choosing an insurance company, you have to compare the company with other insurance companies to see how they stack up against each other. This will allow you to see things like quotes and other services offered so that you can make a better choice.

1.Customer reviews
This is very important and you should not forget to check this out. Checking the customer reviews will let you know whether the insurance company has been able to satisfy its customers or not. This can help you to decide whether you will consider that company or not. You can do this by speaking to people who have purchased insurance from the company before and listening to what they say.

Cost of vehicle insurance
Vehicle insurance for private vehicles is required by the law. Getting third-party vehicle insurance can cost around GHS471 per year. Commercial vehicles like taxis and busses pay an average of GHS576 and GHS586 respectively.

Best vehicle insurance companies
So now that we know how to go about choosing an insurance company to purchase our car insurance from, let us look at some of the best insurance companies in the country that we can purchase insurance from. Please note that this does not mean that you should get up and go purchase from them. You should take the time to conduct a bit of research on the insurance companies below before you decide whether to purchase from any of them or not. Let us now take a look at these companies.

1.Allianz Ghana
This is one of the best car insurance companies at the moment. The company is trusted by over 50 million vehicle owners around the world to keep their vehicles insured for them. This is due to the world-class services and speed with which the company settles claims. Allianz Ghana also has some of the best vehicle insurance policies in the country. The company offers customers with third-party insurance policy and comprehensive insurance policy.

1.Vanguard assurance
Vanguard assurance is one of the most popular insurance companies . Vanguard is an insurance company that considers liabilities when motor accidents with the potential to result in huge financial losses occur. The properties of the people that get damaged are also taken into consideration by the company. Vanguard offers three types of vehicle insurance policies to its customers. These are comprehensive insurance policy, third party fire and theft insurance policy, and third party insurance policy.
Address: N4, Madina
Phone: 030 252 1962

1.Donewell insurance
Donewell is another popular insurance company operating. It is also one of the oldest insurance companies. The company has sold insurance coverage to millions of people both inside and outside Ghana. It offers three kinds of vehicle insurance and they are comprehensive insurance cover, third party fire, and theft cover, and third party liability cover.
Address: Sir Charles Quist St, Accra
Phone: 030 276 3065

1.Hollard insurance
Hollard is regarded as one of the hottest insurance companies in Ghana. The company assists its clients in an accidental collision, fire, lightning or self-ignition, theft, burglary, housebreaking, and many more. Customers can also get assistance in times of floods, riots, strikes and civil commotion, property damage, death, and injury. It offers clients two main financial packages and they are third-party fire & theft and motor third party.
Address: Airport residential area, 11 Patrice Lumumba St, Accra
Phone: 030 222 0966

1.Star assurance
This is another insurance company that you can rely on for your vehicle insurance needs. It has policies that have been designed to cover the legal liabilities of its customers. Star insurance offers three policies to their customers and they are third party policy, third party fire & theft, and comprehensive policy.
Address: Accra
Phone: 030 224 5906

1.Enterprise Insurance
Enterprise insurance is one of the best and offers clients three insurance policies. These policies are the third party only, third party fire & theft, and comprehensive policy.
Address: 47 Patrice Lumumba St, Accra
Phone: 059 307 1638

Ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the best vehicle insurance companies. As you can see, getting insurance coverage for your vehicle is very important. Do not wait for your vehicle to get involved in an accident before you know that you need insurance. You will not get insurance when you need it. You only get it when you do not need it.

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