Bawumia announces new E-Pharmacy for delivery of cheap, safe medication

The Vice President claims that the new “e-pharmacy” would let customers utilize an app to purchase the prescription drugs they require. An expert pharmacist will review the request via the app rather than in person.

This online pharmacy will significantly speed up the ordering process. Ghanaians can use MoMo, Visa, or Mastercard to make payments using the app.

The most practical address for delivery is then yours to choose.

Vice President Bawumia provided the following details during his speech today on the opening of the e-pharmacy:

‘For the first time in our nation, we are going to deploy a National Electronic Pharmacy Platform which will enable over 30 million Ghanaians to have access to prescribed medicines in a more convenient, cost-effective and quality assured manner’.

The Vice President reminded his audience that Ghanaians have had to travel great distances in order to locate pharmacies that offer trustworthy and affordable drugs.

It is true that sick Ghanaians frequently purchased counterfeit medications at exorbitant costs before the advent of the e-pharmacy.

Dr. Bawumia also emphasized that there are dangers associated with ordering prescription drugs online, such as the selling of illicit drugs and lost orders.

The Veep is convinced that the new e-pharmacy, which offers reasonable pricing and legal pharmaceuticals with the ease of the internet, will change all that.

Dr. Bawumia’s “digitalization” plan, which has already seen the implementation of the GhanaCard, Ghana Pay, electronic payments for power, the digital address system, and WiFi rollout in our educational system, now includes the e-pharmacy.

Dr. Bawumia further emphasized that Ghana will be able to enter the global e-pharmacy industry thanks to the e-pharmacy.

This market, which was estimated to be worth USD 52 billion, is expected to expand during the coming ten years.

Therefore, the e-pharmacy is meant to be a strategy to instantly safeguard and assist Ghanaians and boost future prosperity.


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