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Baba Waala Writes: Should We #FixTheCountry or we should go with #FixYourAttitude.

I hold no qualms about the former but I agree more with the latter

Should We #FixTheCountry or we should go with #FixYourAttitude.

I hold no qualms about the former but I agree more with the latter.

Why; because we may force leadership today to be on the right path as we all wish to see, but that means we will have to always come back pushing them to be right.

What we fail to understand as people is that, LEADERSHIP is a true reflection of followers. The leaders we have today didn’t come from Jupiter but from amongst us. What we grow up with, we lead with.

Among us are those who litter. Amongst us are those that drive government cars and leave them in bad shape because they feel it isn’t theirs. Among us are those who prefer taking bribes to fill our pockets to detriment of the government earning enough revenue. Among us are those who go to work late and not until they get bribed they won’t deliver what’s needed of them. Among us are those who hoard what’s given them to be shared with the poor.

So when we grow to lead we get married to these characters that are siblings of what causes underdevelopment. So how do we expect positions to change the people? Leadership doesn’t change people but rather it gives them room to exhibit more of what they have in them. So do we expect the teacher that was lazy in class and now DCE to get to the office early when he now decides who comes when?
Do you expect the pharmacist that hoards drugs from the Clinic to sell to drug stores to now distribute state resources at his disposal when he’s in control being appointed as minister. ?

The crusade to fix this nation should start with each one of us agreeing to the ills in us and fixing that. If I stop asking for money to give jobs and you stop misappropriating student fees, we will grow to lead our nation without taking bribes and without hoarding National cake and Ghana will be good for us all.

So let the President Fix himself. Let the VEEP fix himself. Let the chief of staff fix himself. Let MPs fix themselves. Let teachers do. Nurses do. Mechanics do. Tailors do. Students do and we shall grow to be better to lead better.
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The foreign nations aren’t fixing leaders but have a fixed society and so have lots of their leaders already fixed before taking charge.

Our people say you can only straighten a wet stick not a dried one.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana.

Baba Waala

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