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Baba Waala Writes: NPP Will Tax You, NDC Will Tax You, Choose Who You Pay To

Baba Waala Writes: NPP Will Tax You, NDC Will Tax You, Choose Who You Pay To


NDC brought VAT and Nana Addo was a lead opposition to it. When NPP/JAK later had power VAT was increased it. NDC complained of increase in same VAT that instituted despite the demonstration against it. When they (NDC ) won in the year 2000. They introduced more taxes. Even taxed condoms and hoes. Introduced ESLA when petroleum prices were reducing so they could tax us with the excuse to cover the revenue loss. NPP complained and when we had power it was not scrapped except some other taxes scrapped. Later some introduction of other new taxes were done by NPP.

Today there is E-levy debate NPP is seeking to use to drive us off the 44km per 4seconds speed to IMF For borrowings and NDC is sleepless and on their feet against it whiles they have it in their manifesto to introduce electronic transactions taxation. Just today after their organised demonstration against it that gathered people that didn’t even understand what it is and who would be charged,their General Secretary, Asiedu Nketia in an interview asked of whether NDC will cancel it is saying none can say electronic transactions won’t be charged. But that the timing is wrong.

I don’t know when death or taxation has ever had an appropriate time . What I know is that some hours ago at the demo ground he said it will be cancelled should they win power. So what you should know is that NDC faces south and walk north at all times. They are consistently inconsistent.

I have one advise for you all as voters, NPP will tax you, NDC will tax you. NPP won’t live to expectation and NDC won’t live to expectation. They both will somehow waste resources. You can’t ignore who leads to because apparently you are making a way for the dumb to do what they like. So go and vote for the the one who will use part of what’s taxed you to ; Pay fees for your children in school. Provide jobs for graduates. Struggle to pay allowances for your wards in training schools. Build factories to create employment. Provide credit facilities to starters. Ensure health care through NHIS and feed the poor kids in villages through sch feeding and not pay taxes to a government that will make you pay high school fees. Collapse factories, bring embargo on jobs, cancel allowances yet pay ministers double salaries.

In NPP taxes are chopped’
In NDC taxes are squandered.

Baba Waala

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