Atimpoku Shell fueling station is closed by NPA for selling petrol mixed with water

A team from the NPA’s Eastern Regional office was quickly dispatched to investigate the issue after a widely shared video on social media and a second complaint concerning suspected contaminated fuel purchased at the aforementioned retail location were submitted to the Authority on August 29, 2022.

The team instantly discovered the presence of water after conducting a test for its presence and taking a dip into the outflow well.

Management of Vivo Energy claimed in a letter to the Authority that there had been water penetration into the underground Super tank following a significant downpour in the area, and the Authority’s investigation team verified this claim.

A sample has, however, been submitted to the head office laboratory for additional research, while other portions will undergo a forensic audit at the Ghana Standards Authority. The station won’t be able to start up again until all corrective measures have been implemented and approved by the NPA.

“While investigations are still underway, we want to reassure all impacted consumers that the NPA’s corrective action would be for the station to fix the affected vehicles and pay the customers.

“While we appreciate the customer’s kind deed of recording the occurrence and posting it on social media, we urge users of petroleum products to immediately contact the NPA hotlines at 0545006111 or 0545006112 or report suspected adulterated items on the NPA website at

“The client must report within 48 hours; after that time, there is a chance that the evidence will be lost. It’s possible that the petroleum product in question was sold out or contaminated with fresh equivalents “NPA declared.

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