Arnold slams Abeiku Santana; calls him ‘hypocrite and fan fooler for Shatta Wale’

The commentator on entertainment was responding to Abeiku Santana’s assertion that Shatta Wale’s songs had not received enough media exposure.

Abeiku stated, “Shatta Wale has released a song but DJs are not playing it, and entertainment experts are not debating it,” on Okay FM during his drive-time radio program. However, you talk about it on your broadcasts when he deviates.

Dismissing Abeiku’s assertion, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo claimed he was horrified by Abeiku Santana’s words in a comment on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review today, July 7, 2022.

“Santana is mistaken on this specific point. You work in this field; how many DJs didn’t play “On God” when it was released? They continue to perform. How many commentators didn’t pass judgment on that song? The music had not yet blown when I posted my comment, remarked Arnold.

Abeiku Santana’s comments on the matter, he continues, are “weak and unsteady,” and the radio host is acting hypocritically and is a fan fooler who is unable to bring Shatta Wale to order.

Arnold remarked, “He played the huge fan fooler for Shatta Wale. What has this Shatta Wale’s opinion and remark been over the years about pundits and DJs? He recently said that pundits don’t have anything better to do. He has no respect for what we do and doesn’t even acknowledge that domain. Where was Santana during all of this time this man has been demeaning pundits?

You didn’t say anything, but now you’re creating noise and tricking yourself, the fan. He’s being a huge hypocrite on this matter, and it’s just noise,” Arnold said.

“Now, it’s all about the statistics,” he said in conclusion. If your primary interest is in numbers, you will continue to look at topics that would offer you those impressions. It makes no sense if it’s not only for numbers. He’s just playing the fan. What he stated is meaningless.

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