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Armed thugs who shot 5 including chief at Assin Praso arrested

The Youth in the Community have apprehended eight armed robbers who assaulted and shot five persons, including the Chief at Adanse Praso in the Assin North District.

On someone’s cocoa estate, the suspects were detained on the evening of June 17th.


The New Edubeasi Police has received them for an investigation.

It will be recalled that the Chief and villagers of Adanse Praso were attacked by roughly 30 armed robbers.

Five locals were shot and are presently being treated at the Assin Praso Presbyterian Hospital after they trashed the Palace and forced the chiefs and citizens to flee into a bush.

Some Youth from Adanse Praso who have travelled outside the town upon hearing of the incident returned home in their numbers and supported the watchdog committee members to arrest eight armed robbers while pursuing the others.

However, the locals are pleading with the Inspector-General of Police to increase security since they are fleeing the area in terror and panic so they may go about their everyday lives in peace.

They claim that because local residents who typically purchase from them are no longer able to do so owing to security concerns, their food is decaying.

Nana Otuo Acheampong, the community’s Adontenhen, also pleaded with the Inspector-General of Police to help the neighborhood by providing a police station that will increase security in the region.

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