Angry driver strips naked to curse MTN for blocking his phone number (watch)

Social media videos show the irate driver stripping off before opening the door of his car and reaching for a bottle of what appears to be schnapps.

He then crossed the street angrily to a makeshift barricade in the middle of the dual carriageway, where he spilled the drink while cursing.

After getting his fill, he went back to his car and changed into his clothes to the laughing and applause of numerous onlookers, both male and female.

While some onlookers could be heard commenting that it benefits MTN, others claimed that the driver successfully conveyed his message while also attracting attention to his exposed genitalia.

The tragic incident appears to have taken place in front of an MTN office where a large line of other customers are seen urgently waiting to be helped.

The incident occurred when drivers and passengers of moving automobiles were on the road, and they found it hard to comprehend what they were seeing.

His wearing a cross on a chain around his neck, which gives the impression that he is a Christian yet chooses to engage in an activity that might not be biblically permissible, is another intriguing aspect that attracted the attention of several Ghanaian Twitter users.

Several Ghanaians have been complaining on various social media sites about their SIM cards being disabled, which, among other things, prevents them from receiving or making calls.

The National Communication Authority (NCA) has instructed the telecom firms to begin blocking SIM cards that had not been re-registered using the Ghana Card as an identity card, even before the deadline of September 30 had passed.

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