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Ambulance Service reacts to video of people raising funds at accident scene to buy fuel

The National Ambulance Service has started an investigation into a viral video that showed onlookers collecting money at an accident scene on the Cape Coast-Mankessim Highway to fuel an ambulance.

Some of the wounded could be seen in the footage sitting in the back of the ambulance, which was flashing its emergency lights and wailing its siren.

Asserting that the ambulance in question is a member of its service, NAS said in a statement that the incident happened on September 14, 2022.

However, the agency reported that before sending the ambulance to the accident scene, it had enough gasoline.

In order to clear up any confusion about what happened at the scene, the statement stated that as part of standard procedure, its crew members attempted to stabilize casualties at a scene before transporting them to a hospital.

As a result, it cannot be true that the ambulance ran out of fuel, proving that the commentary in the video is false.

“Some onlookers recorded the action, made a video commentary, and released the video on social media as the patients were being stabilized.

Parts of the statement made by the Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Simmons Yussif Kewura, read, “It can be seen in the video as taken that the EMTs were busy attending to the patients to stabilize them before traveling to the hospital and not because the ambulance had run out of fuel.”

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