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AMA task force arrests man for saying ‘fix major problems and leave traders, drivers’ (VIDEO)

The young man had pleaded with the taskforce members to focus their time and resources on helping address the real problems confronting the country rather than continually torturing traders and drivers, according to TV3, which uploaded the video on its Twitter page.
The media site captioned the video, “AMA task force arrest man for advising them to tackle the major problems in the country instead of chasing away traders and towing autos.”

His reprimand, meanwhile, did not go over well with the task group.

The man tries to explain himself and resists arrest, but one of its members is seen grabbing him by his shorts and pushing him ostensibly to their office.

As they all went brusquely in the same direction while brandishing their batons, other task force members could be seen in the back urging him to haul the man away.

The task force member who insisted on showing the man where the power is manhandled the physically on the ground after he fell to the ground while resisting arrest at one point. He then lifted him back up to continue dragging him away.

The man’s role as a conductor or a driver is unknown. He attempted to hold onto a stopped automobile, but it didn’t work because the task force member used all of his strength to overcome him.

Many Ghanaians have expressed outrage over the video, supporting the victim’s allegedly offensive comment while questioning when the AMA task group had the right to detain anyone who had offended them.

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