Ama K Abebrese: I am going to win Oscars for Ghana

She claimed that Ghana will soon win the prestigious award because of the tremendous achievements Ghanaians in the diaspora are making in the film business.

Times and seasons will tell, she said in an interview with Noella Kharyne Yalley for Joy Prime’s “Xclusive” program. But Ghanaians shouldn’t be shocked if their country wins an Oscar.

“It will take place. I’m going to be an Oscar winner. Some people won’t believe it until it’s finished, she said.

“The fact is Africans, Ghanaians, it is feasible,” said Rocky Dawuni after being nominated for a Grammy, along with other Ghanaians, Wizkid, Burna Boy, and other nominees.

“I just understood that the current state of the film industry is different from that of music. It will reach a stage where people will begin discussing it when that changes.

The actress who played the lead in the film “A sting in a tail” also expressed her worries about those who disparage Ghanaian films, noting that while some people may not be lovers of Ghanaian movies, others are, and that as a result, those who do should stop doing so.

You’re not required to enjoy my work. Because it is Ghanaian, it is not my responsibility if you don’t like everything. Just don’t consume it. This is my problem. Sometimes you’ll hear a Ghanaian disparage someone’s work that they presumably worked with their last dollar to create,” she said.

She continued, “Until you put yourself in the position of a producer or a director, you won’t realize the sacrifices they’ve made.”

“Any producer will tell you the difficulties they face or the lengths they must go to, motivated only by their enthusiasm, in order to make their movie. Nobody will necessarily adore something just because you don’t like it.

The actress continued by praising and encouraging those who work in the film industry not to be deterred by the criticism of others.

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