Akufo-Addo commits to ending child marriage in Ghana, Africa

One of the constant issues facing many communities in the nation and other regions of the continent, particularly rural ones, has been child marriage.

President Akufo-Addo said on stage at the Black Stars Square Global Citizen Festival in 2022 that he would mobilize support to put an end to it.

He claimed that as young girls are typically prevented from realizing their full potential and accomplishing their goals, it is now up to leaders to support the cause and ensure their development.

Mr. Akufo-Addo urged all significant players to come together and make a commitment to implement policies that would protect girls.

“Women and girls make up the majority of the population in Ghana (51%), as they do across the whole continent. Therefore, empowering them is essential to accelerating Africa’s development.

“I am dedicated to implementing policies and programs targeted at enhancing the development of the female child in Ghana as President of Ghana, Co-Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and AU gender champion.

“I’m equally devoted to making sure that every girl in Ghana has access to senior high school education at the very least, a policy that has already started to bear fruit. On Saturday, September 24, he said, “I’m also dedicated to mobilizing support to end child marriage in Ghana and throughout the entire African continent.

At the same gathering, Mr. Akufo-Addo made a suggestion that the nation will someday have a female president and said he was prepared to put several policies into place to ensure it happened, even if it wasn’t during his administration.

Together, we can achieve gender equality, give women and girls more power, and meet the requirements and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals on a global scale. And Ghana will have a female president one day, he continued.

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