Akufo-Addo admitted to a crisis for the first time – Dr. Ato Forson

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, ranking member of the finance committee in parliament, claims that President Akufo-Addo publicly acknowledged the nation’s economic crisis for the first time in his address to the nation.

He asserts that the government’s behavior over the previous year has amply demonstrated that those in charge were unaware of the catastrophic condition the nation was in and had just recently become aware of it.

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“The only thing I remember from his address is that I heard the President acknowledge a crisis for the first time while listening to him. The President has never stated that our situation is more dire or that a crisis has arisen. He spoke it authoritatively as well. For me, that is the first time.

“But as you can see, the issue in Ghana began in 2021, long before the train had left the station. Ten months have passed since the crisis began. He has become aware of the issue far too late. In actuality, his stance doesn’t indicate to me that he was aware of the issue.

“He only recently, perhaps three, four, or six months ago, came to the realization. Because, as you can see, this matter might have been resolved if he had been informed sooner, he stated on JoyNews’ PM Express.

Dr. Ato Forson emphasized that the government’s extravagant lifestyle, which it had been exhibiting even recently, was a symptom that it was out of touch with reality.

He noted that this flamboyance has largely contributed to the resentment most Ghanaians feel about the government. “Yes granted that probably he’s been aware, but government lifestyle does not show a government, for me sitting somewhere, it does not tell me that this government is aware that there is a crisis. If a President for instance is going on a political tour in the middle of crisis, you don’t go with 40 land cruisers following you.

“All these things send wrong signals out there. Put them in a bus. These are the things that people watch and it irritates people, you don’t want that because it’s state money that you’re actually wasting,” he said. Meanwhile, he has called on the President to take the opportunity to merge some Ministries and Agencies.

He claimed that as a result of the country’s current financial crisis, several of these institutions have been forced to close their doors because they are unable to pay for the necessary supplies to do their jobs.

“Let me tell you that right now, a lot of Ministries and Agencies are not actively working since the funding they need to do the work is obviously not forthcoming due to the current financial crisis. Why don’t you use this chance to combine a few of the Ministries and Agencies?

“It’s simple for you to do. Because even if you pay them, they accomplish nothing as we talk. They don’t even receive enough money to purchase basic office supplies. Therefore, there is nothing stopping you from integrating them.

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