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Ajagurajah: Beauty is a curse that needs spiritual cleansing; ugly women are better off

He asserted that “women’s beauty is their curse,” adding that unattractive women are the ones that make a lot of money for themselves and their family while beautiful women are just focused on improving their attractiveness, which ultimately serves no purpose for them.

Ghanaweb reports that Ajagurajah stated this while speaking to Abusua FM in Kumasi.

In fact, I witnessed a woman operating a high-quality vehicle today. I felt like throwing up just looking at her face. The prophet was quoted by the news website as saying, “But she is the one who makes the major money in town.

“It is a proven truth that more than half of women who earn big money on their own, without the assistance of any male, are incredibly unattractive. So, when a man compliments your looks, try not to get too giddy and just reply, “I am aware.”

“Many women who are incredibly attractive never find loving partners of their own. Watch the female head porters who pursue cars to pick up cargo in order to survive, and take note of some of the women who hawk in the street. You will discover some to be the most gorgeous.

“I have not created a human being before but most of the ugly ones have sought their helpers and they are making it while the beautiful ones are just walking around loosely and unguarded,” said Ajagurajah.

Instead of becoming full of themselves, he counseled attractive ladies to take a spiritual bath to rid themselves of the curse that comes with beauty.

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