Aisha Huang denied bail

Aisha Huang, a suspect in the Chinese galamsey case, has been remanded in detention by the Accra Circuit Court for a period of two weeks.

She had previously appeared in court on Wednesday for the purpose of answering allegations that she had engaged in the sale and acquisition of minerals without a legal license as well as mining without a license.

During the session when she spoke through an interpreter, the court, presided over by Samuel Bright Acquah, rejected a request for her to be released on bail.

Together with Johng Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huaid Hai Hun, she made an appearance.

In order to hold her for at least two weeks while conducting additional investigations, prosecutors were able to convince the Accra Circuit Court to extend an arrest warrant.

Aisha Huang’s lawyers, who were angry, said that there might be a large-scale plot involving the legal system and the Attorney General to treat her unfairly.

The attorneys argued persuasively in favor of her being granted bail and expressed concerns regarding what they perceived to be unjust treatment by state security in relation to both her return in 2018 and the most recent arrest.

However, the defense attorney, Nkrabea Effah Dartey, claimed that the accused should be granted bail notwithstanding his declaration that he respects the court’s order.

He lamented that the accused had already been held for 14 days on remand and questioned whether there was still time for extra investigation.

The next time we’ll see Madam Huang is on September 27, 2022.

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