Afia Schwarzenegger: I’m unhappy and alone in a hateful world

While reacting to the comments of one of her followers, Afia Schwarzeneger said the fan should ask her father if she is happy.

This is due to the fan’s request that she evaluate her choices and consider whether or not her father will approve of them.

The admirer responded to a picture of Afia next to the Nogokpo town sign post. The socialite had said she was going to the shrine in that town to call her critics.

The person who left a comment on Afia’s post advised her to pray to God for justice so she can watch what happens.

“Please sit down and ask yourself that will your dad (may his soul rest in perfect peace) be happy wherever he is about what you are doing. Go down on your knees and tell God that this is what they are saying, please let the whole world know that I’m innocent and see what happens. Much love queen.”

Afia Schwarzenegger, however, responded by saying that the fan should rather ask her father if she is happy in an untruthful world. “Ask him if I’m happy he left me in this ungrateful lying world? Let’s end this on a good note,” she replied. Several weeks ago, Afia Schwarzenegger’s father was buried.

When he was still living, she had said, her father’s main concern was how she would handle life without him.

Afia’s father, Augustine Agyei, believed they had more detractors than supporters when he was still living.


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