Adjetey Anang: The saying that ‘all men cheat’ is not true

The term “all men cheat” is not accurate, according to actor Adjetey Anang.


He stated that all men are not created equal, thus using that phrase as a measure to assess men is incorrect.

On Friday, June 3, 2022, he made the statement on the Super Morning Show in response to the verdict in favor of American actor Johnny Depp.

“There’s this phrase or saying that ‘all guys cheat,’ which isn’t fully accurate.

Men are also being evaluated based on the fact that there is proof that this is what happens in men’s life, but this does not mean that everyone should be seen in this light,” he remarked.

Johnny Depp has won his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, whom he sued over claims of domestic abuse.

Heard defamed her ex-husband in a 2018 Washington Post piece in which she talked about becoming “a public figure symbolizing domestic abuse?” The jury found her guilty of defamation.

Amber has faced outrage for attempting to blackmail his ex-husband emotionally.

Adjettey Anang, who was commenting about the decision, emphasized that this case should serve as a wake-up call for both genders to create good relationships in the future.

However, he stated that this should not dissuade women from reporting any abuse they have received.

“Rather than encouraging women to stand out and tell the truth, this should be used as a poor example.” He insisted, “We shouldn’t use this as a standard or an example of how abuse situations should be handled.”

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