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Actress reminisces: How I survived plane crash that killed everyone on board

Kate Henshaw, a Nollywood actress, has reflected on how she escaped an aircraft disaster that killed everyone on board.


Kate Henshaw explained how she managed to avoid the ill-fated aircraft that terrible day, sharing her Testimony for the first time in ten years.

She wrote: It’s been ten years since the ill-fated Dana Air flight from Abuja to Lagos took off.

June 3rd, 2012. 0992 is the flight number. Nobody made it… That flight was supposed to be mine. I arrived late at Abuja International Airport. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am never late for anything…

That day, MERCY said no.

For all the days of my life, His goodness and mercy will be with me.

Not that I am deserving, yet He saved me from the jaws of death on that fateful day.

It is critical to share God’s kindness because it will benefit someone out there. It will remind you of how special you are to Him, and it will keep you thankful.

Keep your feet on the ground.

May the spirits of all those who have passed away rest in peace. Amen

My loves, have a wonderful weekend.

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