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A woman who had been missing for three days was found alive in a pit latrine in Enyan Asempenyin.

At Enyan Asempenyin in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of the Central Region, she was reported missing for three days.

When a local man went to use the restroom to relieve himself on Monday, August 29, she was found there.

The young man admits that he overheard a woman crying for assistance.

He immediately summoned a few locals, who immediately went to the public restroom to help rescue the woman alongside the staff of the Breman Essiam Fire Station.

The woman was saved with her handbag, which contained money and other items. She has not yet been able to recall what exactly happened to her before she ended up in the public restroom.

Witnesses are baffled as to how the woman ended up in the toilet given how tiny the entrance hole is.

The woman is currently receiving care at the Ajumako Government Hospital after being given a thorough bath to remove the stink and feces.

To find out how the woman wound up in the open pit latrine, the Ajumako District Police Command has launched an investigation.

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