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A Plus: Ghanaians have treated Afia Schwarzenegger unfairly

Entertainment pundit, Kwame A Plus says Ghanaians have treated Afia Schwarzenegger unfairly.

When the actress’s ex-husband shared her explicit footage on the internet, he was praised instead of facing the repercussions, according to him.

As a result, he claims he stands behind her in the lawsuit brought against her by Chairman Wontumi, a politician and the owner of Wontumi FM.

He did, however, stress out that he defends her not because he is frightened of her, but because he loves her and their relationship.

“I support Afia because she has been treated unfairly by our country, Ghana. Yes, not because I dislike Chairman Wontumi, but because she married a stupid man and when she left him, he seized her phone and recorded a nude video of her. We didn’t detain him, instead allowing him to move around freely. People believe I am terrified of her when I say I support her, but who is she? I’m not scared of her “On June 11, he addressed it on United Showbiz.

Chairman Wontumi did not file a lawsuit against Afia Schwarzenegger, he claimed, since her acts were not serious enough.

Afia Schwarzenegger claimed that she had a sexual affair with Delay’s employer, Chairman Wontumi, in a self-recorded film in which she mostly targeted the radio and TV presenter Delay.

Despite the fact that many people have reprimanded her for what she stated in the video, A Plus believes that what she said may be accurate.

“…Afia claims she had an affair with Chairman and that he flatulates when they make love, which I would agree is normal and probable. This isn’t a matter that has to be taken to court.”

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