A Plus accuses Fuse ODG of sexual assault and drug abuse.

Social commentator and hiplife artiste, Kwame A Plus, has alleged that musician, Fuse ODG, used to “teach young boys and girls how to do drugs” at his East Legon residence.

According to A Plus, the circumstance of several female young artistes “being laid from room to room” at Fuse ODG’s residence upset him.
Some of them, according to him, were under the age of consent, which in Ghana is 16 years old. The age of consent refers to the minimal age at which a person is regarded legally capable of consenting to sexual conduct.

A Plus went on to say that when he witnessed what was going on at Fuse ODG’s residence, he ordered a commander at the East Legon police station to keep a “eagle eye” on him.

As a result, he compared Fuse ODG to convicted sex offenders Jeffrey Epstein and R Kelly.

After Fuse ODG called out the panel on Saturday’s episode of United Showbiz, A Plus made these comments on Instagram. Fuse stated that the panel’s recommendations were “hazardous” to Ghanaian women working in the creative industries.

This was due to A Plus and Feli Nuna trading accusations regarding her boyfriend’s participation in her music career. His remarks implied that an investor may exploit his or her investee.

As a result, Fuse ODG queried why “a male should have the right to desire to have sex with the lady if the woman requires their investment?” in a tweet, echoing A-argument Plus’s on the entertainment analysis show.

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