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A Part Of Me Is For E-levy And A Part Of Me Is Against It – Baba Waala Writes

A Part Of Me Is For E-levy And A Part Of Me Is Against It - Baba Waala Writes

YOu Want To know my E-View ?
I share with You !

I side with a part of our people who share genuine concerns against the height of financial burden E-levy is about to compound on them. Like others, I think E-levy in a way is like a “suit robbery” ( Government thievery ). This is because most of us choose Momo as an ‘electronic wallet’ to have an easy carriage of our money. To prevent our monies being stolen,getting missing and also to ensure an easy transaction on purchases of goods and even to be a part of the electronic system government is preaching.

Apparently Momo is like a wallet we buy on credit from the network operators or a wallet we continually hire for use from them. Reason paying charges to them anytime we are to use it may be justifiable because we would have bought purse 👛 anyway again and again anytime it gets spoilt.But for government who renders no wallet service to charge anyone for a transaction made from momo is like dipping its hands into our wallet and taking what they want simply because the person is at a boutique and buying a shirt 👕 and a trouser 👖 at a cost of Gh200. Or because the person decides to give money to his or her mother from his purse. Something we could decide to Carry our money in pocket and pay without a charge. (…and that would discourage the cashless economy gov’t seeking ).

It’s therefore ridiculous how money one worked for being paid after all taxes taken would again be levied when S/he is to spend it on a product that he’s already paying an indirect tax again on. It’s pure thievery as many put it despite government arguing on its many benefits. Like Robert A. Heinlein once said ; There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him. So I’m even wholly against the idea of government trying to force it in like it’s been opined by others. If it should happen it should be by a prevailing idea of the majority as the beauty and burden of democracy. So despite a bit of my disagreement,but I’ll hold no qualms if it’s passed by majority decision.

Despite this staring reality, there exist half a nation of us that hold many tangibles for it and I agree a bit with them
too. I’m not citing their reasons but my own reasons to why I would choose E-levy. Our nation under this government was doing just fine with all economic indices pointing to Hope of better nation Over few years of government taking over and fixing this economy. The high GDP growth rate,the reduction in inflation,the slow fall of cedi-dollar rate,increased foreign reserves and scrapping of many nuisance taxes until we unfortunately crushed on an ‘economic wolf’ (Covid-19 ) that ate the proceeds of many businesses and left many hardworking folks jobless. Left government at a cross road spending much more than it gains.

It also took some less fortunate businesses to their knees and making government lose a lot of what it would have amassed to keep us in good shape. Yet We have this same government spending millions on its most important job ( Education/FSHS ).It moves to billions on it providing jobs( NABCO ) for our many jobless graduates it inherited. Trillions as it seeks to help farmers have an economic assistance in providing food security through PFJ. Zillions as we still need on top of these to provide infrastructure on the deficits we need cover on health, education and on roads. If E-levy will be a supplement to ensuring these continually work why would I be against it because I should share a part of what I worked for with government involuntarily ( Tax ).

Others may argue the welfare programs like FSHS,PFJ and some few others needn’t be done. Especially the other side of the political divide vehemently against FSHS. But the big question is, would you have a child from ‘Pepesu’ in the Volta region who’s mother is a fish monger not go to school to better her life because her mom can’t pay fees ? Would u have the poor farmer in Busa helping contribute to food basket go to sit at home with hunger because he can’t buy fertiliser ? Would you have graduate of 2014 continually go round begging to feed because there are no jobs ? I doubt any of us seriously seeking to govern this nation for betterment would choose any of the above. The unemployed or less privileged can’t be allowed to die so the economy can keep matching.

On the flip side,in as much as the nation/leaders need help us stand to our feet, we must understand we equally owe a duty to feed the nation to ensure the nation lives strongly so it can help us. Reason we have a government of the people,by people and for the people.Nation building therefore is a reciprocated effect. So to have citizens who seeks betterment of its people without thinking of the firm standing of the nation becomes nothing less political witchery because it amounts to selfishness. It may form a part of the few worldly dangers if not a part of the seven wonders.

I know a lot others reading will hold an opposition to this. More especially the opposition that are like carping critics condemning everything and everyone. Especially any that has the door of opening opportunities to better our place and people. They will refer to a lot of the loans taken. The monies wasted to corruption. The many other taxes paid. They will draw a lot of emotional appeals to seek support of the people just so they can have power. Ironically same people initiated VAT which has been a bigger burden on the poor with no meaningful returns to the people and our place.

We all agree the huge loans haven’t been of any help because of the many strings attached. We agree to the leaking of our finances. We agree to the many taxes. But we also agree we can’t choose to have our nation sink because these haven’t worked and the nearest possible solution should be neglected. If E-levy therefore would curb our frequent jogging to IMF with speed at 44km per 4seconds,then I am for it.

I therefore support the possible passing of this levy not because it would not pose any burden,but because I think it’s benefit would far exceed its trauma. There will be more jobs, there will be more infrastructural development. There would be more a available funding for education and health care and others. It may not be convenient to the opposition because it may keep them in opposition since it’s proceeds will have many hailing government more. Reason they are trying so hard to make many feel the inconvenience it is to cause. Even those who aren’t a part of this levy are made to be at the loudest of their voice in with red flags. In any case like Margarete Michell said, for Death, taxes and childbirth,There’s never any convenient time for any of them. So this may not be convenient time but since it’s a necessary time I think I’m for it.

I support it that Government steal from me ( Involuntary Contribution) to better me. For me I like to pay taxes, because with it,I think I’m buying a mic to voice louder why my government isn’t working for me and should work for me.

After all We are all now on
E- Living. ( Connecting on media )
E – Transactions ( Online marketing)
E – Fights ( Social media debates )
So E – Levy completes it as bill to our living.
Baba Waala.

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