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A Man Can Be Jailed For Having Two Wives – Lawyer Fredrick asamoah Boldly Declares


Legal Aid lawyer Frederick Asamoah has asserted that a man can be jailed for 6 months for having two wives.

According to the lawyer the law accepts two people as a couple which is a man and a wife.

Speaking to host of “My Lawyer My Counselor”show Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman, Mr Asamoah revealed that, marriage under ordinance accepts marriage between two people but with customary marriage a man can marry as many as he wishes.

“It’s man and woman, the law talks about him or her, so a woman if you are married under ordinance you can’t marry another. It’s against the law to marry more if it’s under ordinance but if it’s customary marriage you can marry more”

However, if a man flaunts this law he can be jailed for 6 months.

”The law accepts one man one wife , one can be jailed for maximum of 6 months “ he added

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