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A homeless man asks police officers to put him in bars (watch)

A heartbreaking video shows a man who had no place to sleep begging police officers profusely to throw him into their cells and fabricate whatever charge pleases them against him.

The Kenyan man, Alex Omondi, informed the cops that his landlord had locked him out of his residence, leaving him destitute.
Despite the fact that he had done no crime, he believed it was necessary to seek assistance from the police because the “police motto is Service to All.”

“I don’t have anywhere to stay. The landlord has decided to shut my residence. So I’m here because the slogan of the police force is “Service to All.” “In a local dialect, Omondi is heard appealing with the cops.

The unfortunate man was in such a desperate state that he informed the cops that they could either free him the next morning or take him to court for whatever charges they wanted.

When told that the police cells were only for criminals and not for innocent people like him, he asked the officers to assist him in fabricating a charge against him or suggesting a crime for him to perform in order for him to be arrested and incarcerated.

“Or is there a flag I can lower someplace so you can find something to arrest me for?” According to, Omondi requested the cops.

The helpless man sought an empty desk to sit on after realizing the cops would not put him into the cells.

What the video didn’t show was how the cops ultimately assisted Omondi.

His plight has touched the hearts of many Kenyans on social media, with some appealing for assistance for the poor man.

According to a previous report, Hassan Ayariga, the APC’s 2020 presidential candidate, promised to spend the first day of his election as president of Ghana if he won that year’s election.

According to him, the gesture would send a strong signal to his appointees that none of them is above the law and that they would not escape the rigors of the law under his watch if they indulged in any act of corruption.

“…Under Hassan Ayariga, the first thing I want to ensure is that the first day I am President, I will sleep in the jail. I shall not sleep at my house on the first day I am elected President. I’m going to the police station and asking them to unlock the door because I want to sleep in there because it would send the message that if the President can sleep in the jail, anyone who is corrupt will sleep there as well “In an interview with Joy FM, he stated.

Fingers were crossed that the politician and businessman would follow through on his promise, but he did not win the election.


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