A 29-year-old man has been given a prison sentence for illegal gambling

The Assin Fosu District Court in the Central Region sentenced him for operating the business without a permit.

Isaac Eyison, the defendant, entered a guilty plea to the charges of unlawful gambling in public.

The defendant was apprehended due to increased police patrols to crack down on some festering unlawful operations in the Fosu Municipal Assembly, according to the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Gilbert Ayongo.

He claimed that on Sunday, June 6, 2022, at around 8:00 a.m., the police in Assin-Fosu obtained information regarding the convict’s illicit gambling activities, which had drawn sizable crowds.

He claimed that a police patrol team led by Chief Inspector Johnson Dzikunu arrived on the scene quickly, but that many customers and onlookers fled when they saw the police. He also claimed that the police detained the convict and recovered from him three mobile phones, watches, eyeglasses, five pieces of black wood that were tied together with a black rubber band, and GHC 510 in cash.

Following questioning, the felon was unable to present a license or other official document to justify his unlawful gambling operation in the municipality.

Isaac Eyison was given a nine-month prison sentence by the court, which was presided over by Abdul Majeed Illiasu.

Gambling has effectively moved online, and the bulk of bettors in Ghana use their mobile devices to place their wagers.

Unfortunately, the online environment is less controlled than its analogous offline environment, which has allowed a large number of illegal betting sites to serve Ghanaians.

In Ghana, gambling is completely legal, regulated, and overseen by the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC).

With the exception of the lottery, which is administered by the National Lottery Authority, the commission is the only body in Ghana that controls the gambling sector (NLA).

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