$92 Billion of lottery proceeds channeled into Good Causes worldwide – World Lottery boss

According to Rebecca Paul, president of the World Lottery Association (WLA), 92 billion dollars ($92 billion) of lottery winnings worldwide were donated to worthy causes.

The claimed sum was spent last year alone as contributions from various lottery organizations around the world, claims Madam Paul.

Madam Paul stressed the importance of Good Causes during her speech at the conclusion of the Ghana Lottery Authority’s (NLA) 60th anniversary celebration, which she attended alongside other WLA executives.

She stated, “I am pleased to inform you that we spent $90.2 billion dollars in the last year alone, raised by Lotteries across the globe for Good Causes.

The expansion of unlawful lotto activities, which the WLA President claimed was impeding lottery bodies’ efforts to uphold their corporate social responsibility by supporting worthy causes, worries her.

“Illegal gaming poses the greatest threat to what is taking place. They don’t pay taxes, they don’t support charitable organizations, and they don’t adhere to the same CSR standards as the rest of us. The World Lottery Association is attempting to stop illegal gambling all around the world. The amount of money generated for sports, health, and education should make all of us here in Ghana extremely happy, she said.

Recall that the illicit lottery activities that, according to the Association, resulted in a total income loss of $1.8 trillion in 2022 alone were exposed at this year’s World Lottery Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Because of this, the World Lottery Authority (WLA) has declared that it will increase its emphasis on charitable giving and responsible gaming over the next few years and has requested member nations to do the same.

With new measures put in place by the current Director-General, Ghana’s National Lottery Authority (NLA), which has been battling illegal lottery activities for some time, is determined to tighten its clampdown.

The NLA is dedicated to create, carry out, and sustain an integrated action plan based on four primary pillars: education, health, youth and sports development, and culture. The NLA also just launched its charitable arm, the “Good Causes Foundation.”

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