90% of doctors want to leave Ghana for greener pastures — Survey

According to GMA, a recent poll of 360 professionals in the medical field revealed that 90% of medical officers wish to leave the nation in pursuit of better opportunities.

Dr. Frank Serebour, the Association’s president, said this at the GMA’s 64th Annual General Conference in Bolgatanga, in the Upper East Region.

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According to Dr. Frank Serebour, the doctors seek improved working conditions and are considering leaving Ghana.

“The immigration of medical professionals from Ghana is a long-standing issue that keeps the nation’s human resources from growing as it should.

“The number of health professionals, especially doctors, leaving the nation has increased recently,” he stated.

Dr. Serebour added: “The reasons for the immigration of doctors seem to vary with time. A recent survey of 360 doctors currently practicing in Ghana showed that about 90 percent have never considered leaving the country to move to more developed countries.

“The reason for which doctors leave Ghana to include the search for better income, improved working living conditions, better life and schools for their children and opportunities for further education.” He urged the government to as a matter of urgency deal with the worrying situation.

The GMA has made hints that they may insist that their pay be tied to the US currency.

According to the association, the incomes of its members must be fixed to the US dollar if the government is unable to stable the Ghana cedi versus the main trading currencies.

Such a decision, according to GMA General Secretary Dr. Titus Beyuo, will lessen the departure of medical professionals.

He asked the government to make a strong effort to stabilize the economy because their incomes had roughly lost half of their true value.

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