Kirani Ayat and GTA finally settle their differences on copyright case

The “Guda” hitmaker, who has been in the headlines for some time due to a misunderstanding between himself and the Ghana Tourism Authority, acknowledged having settled their disagreements in a joint press release posted via his Twitter account on Monday, October 31, 2022.

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” On September 27, 2022, Mr. Ayat Maqwam, aka Kirani Ayat became aware that visual outtakes of his “Guda” video had been used by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) without his consent. According to GTA, these visuals have been used extensively since 2019 for the production of various contents promoting tourism to the country. We are pleased to announce that the parties have reached an amicable agreement in settlement. Moving forward, Ayat and GTA will collaborate on a number of projects aimed at showcasing Ghana, our beautiful landscapes, and exciting talents to the world. Ayat appreciates all support from the good people of Ghana throughout this process. His new project, Aisha’s Sun is available now on all music streaming platforms” the statement said.

This comes after Kirani Ayat criticized the Ghana Tourism Authority on Twitter for copying parts of the imagery from his song “Guda” in a promotional video for the president’s tourism industry a few weeks ago without getting permission.

Kirani Ayat expressed his displeasure at having his work used without his permission, noting that he had spent money producing the film alone and had received no financial compensation for it.

But, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) dismissed claims that some footage used for the new tourism promotional video was pirated.

The Authority claimed in a news release that they legally acquired the video Kirani Ayat is claiming ownership of from a creative firm in 2019 as part of a project.

Samsal, however, denied giving the Authority permission to use a mood board-style visual presentation or “collage” that included Kirani Ayat’s film and was made up of photographs, text, and examples of various objects.

The company claims that the video reel they presented to the GTA just served as an illustration of the kind of content they want to create for the Authority in accordance with their agreement.

They added that the GTA did not utilize the initial video reel they produced.

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