553 people gain sight again after undergoing surgery from Kog Kriationz

553 residents of the Wa Municipality and its surroundings, as well as some districts in the Greater Accra and Upper West Regions, including Nandom, Jirapa, Lawra, Gwollu, Nadoli, Wechiau, Adakraba, and Tema, can now breathe easier because free surgeries and treatments have been provided for them by the Kog Kriationz Network, a non-governmental organization based in Tema.

Prior to the procedure, 5,000 people participated in a free eye screening exercise, the bulk of whom were students from a group of schools in the districts. Those who required surgery to treat their condition were successfully operated on to fix any abnormality.

Eric Owusu Gyimah, the chief executive officer and founder of the Kog Kriationz Network and also known as Oyokodehye Kofi in show business circles, claimed that his NGO has been performing this humanitarian duty across the country for free since 2012, primarily in impoverished neighborhoods and underprivileged communities nationwide.

He claimed that without the support of sponsors like the Eye Foundation of America, Banks Apothecary, Oheneba Ghana Rice, Friends Eye Centre, and Kog Eye Care, this would not have been feasible.

He clarified that some students had dropped out of school owing to poor or limited vision, but that after surgery, these students had resumed their studies, which was the foundation’s primary goal.

Dr. Seth Wanye, the main surgeon, urged the public to avoid any local treatment since it could exacerbate problems and instead get routine eye exams.


Some recipients claimed it would have been very difficult for them to pay for the expense of the procedure or for treatment.

He revealed that the project’s main focus was on schoolchildren so that their education wouldn’t be cut short and the elderly so that they could enjoy some respite and be independent.

Therefore, they expressed their gratitude to the NGO and requested that they spread their wings to include the rest of their coworkers who were in the same situation across the entire nation.

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