50 Cent to make a series about Hushpuppi

On Wednesday, 50 Cent revealed he was developing a movie series centered on the life of Hushpuppi in an Instagram post.

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“For my con artists, I gotta do this one,” he wrote. upcoming Hushpuppy television series Green Light Gang is something I don’t miss. #Lecheminduroi #Bransoncognac #gunitfilmandtv

In 2020, Hushpuppi was detained in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after being accused of scamming over 1.9 million individuals, including Americans.

Hushpuppi was taken into custody by the Dubai police, who then turned him over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation so that he might face charges there.

The worldwide con artist received an 11-year federal prison term, according to sources on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old felon was ordered by US District Judge Otis D. Wright II to pay $1,732,841 in restitution to two fraud victims.

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