5 important lessons to learn from a failed relationship

Not all failed relationships are failures. Even if you didn’t end up being together, you still benefitted greatly from the experience.

Like the end of a job, it didn’t matter how it ended as long as it brought you to where you are now. When a relationship ends, it can seem like a complete waste of time.

It may seem as though you wasted your time on a pointless endeavor. But once the first hurt subsides, you realize there are many lessons to be learned from a failed relationship.

You can learn a lot from failed relationships about the past, and they can also point you in the right path for the future as you gain more experience.

What can you therefore take out from a failed relationship? There are countless possibilities, but these are those that are frequently encountered.

Look over the list below:

Love takes work
Love may be this magical thing, but that doesn’t mean it just comes easily. You need to put effort into your friendships and relationships with family, so it makes sense you’d need to do the same for a romantic relationship.

When you walk away from a relationship of your own doing or not, you realize there is some work that isn’t being put in and that is okay sometimes.

You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change
This is huge. This is something I want to say the majority of people learn from a failed relationship. We so often love our partners except for this or that. Maybe they smoke, maybe they’re unsure about wanting kids, or anything else.

When you love someone and these things come up, instead of facing them for their gravity, you tend to hope they’ll go away in the future or you can change their mind or them. Unless they want to change for you and for themselves, it won’t happen. It doesn’t matter how hard you try.

Relationship needs balance
When you leave a relationship and feel completely alone, it could be because you let them absorb your life. You ditched your friends and hobbies to focus on this person. But now they’re gone and you don’t have the support system.

That moment teaches you that relationships need independence. You need to have your own friends, hobbies, and time. Without that, the relationship begins defining you and makes the idea of a breakup terrifying to you.

You deserve more
More can mean someone who makes you a priority or just someone you click with more. Once you’ve been in a relationship, no matter how great, when it ends you realize what wasn’t there.

From the breakup itself, you learn to love yourself instead of depending on love from someone else. This helps you realize that you don’t have to settle, you deserve the best relationship, not just any relationship.

Timing matters
Yes, it does. It sucks to hear, but even when someone seems perfect, the timing can be off. Long-distance, busy jobs, and more get in the way. It isn’t always because you didn’t love each other enough but because that time wasn’t your time.

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