MzVee declines a fan’s offer of a date since he has little money in his account.

After roughly a month without posting anything on the social media network, MzVee has returned with eye-catching images.

She posted four images of herself wearing a brown jumpsuit with a cutaway in the front and a short haircut.

Many of her fans filled the comments with pickup lines as they praised the singer’s beauty.

The singer’s smile and how young she appeared while being thirty charmed other fans.

The user @Quojo M’s comment asking MzVee out on a date while claiming to have only six Cedis in his account caught the singer’s eye.

“I have 6 cedis in my account. Can we go on a date?” he wrote.

The singer responded by sarcastically stating that she would only hang out with the user if he had an additional Cedi in his account. Oh! she wrote. If it cost 7 cedis, only.

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