4 health issues that can sabotage your sex life

Being physically and emotionally satisfied when being intimate with your spouse.

However, there are occasions when having a low libido makes it difficult to feel like having sex.

This could be due to a variety of factors, but it could also indicate an underlying health issue that needs your attention.


Your sexual life may be hampered by a variety of factors other than reproductive problems. It may also be caused by a variety of other health problems.

In reality, a change in hormones may also cause a decrease in sex urge, according to psychologists and gynecologists. Menopause is among the most typical cases of this.

The following health issues should be attended to since they may be hurting your sexual life.

Heart diseases
You require stamina to engage in sexual activity. Both men and women should do this. However, if you have a cardiac issue, you may be prevented from performing the act by palpitations, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity can all lead to cardiac problems that might interfere with your sex life.

You can’t exactly think of sex while your general wellbeing is at risk. Additionally, the drugs that are administered have an impact on the patient’s sex drive. Additionally, the person’s energy levels are so low from chemotherapy and other hormonal medicines that they are unable to consider having sex.

Diabetes We already know that high blood sugar can be extremely harmful to our health. While having sex, blood flows to the reproductive organs and other parts of the body. But, damaged blood vessels hamper the blood flow which has the effect of lowering the libido.
Both men and women who have diabetes have been documented to experience sexual dysfunction. It not only lessens your sex drive but also the lubrication, which makes having sex extremely unpleasant.

According to a study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, having a sexual life is severely impacted by depression and other mental health conditions. You may experience issues with sexual self-esteem, a sense of sexual distance from a partner, communication problems regarding sex, uncertainty about how to initiate sex, and a flattening of interest that results in no sex in your life.

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