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4 drinks to boost your sex drive naturally

Your stamina and appetite both change as you age. Your libido may decline, which could affect the frequency and kind of your intense interactions with your spouse.

Try to regain your sex drive if sexual health problems including vaginal dryness, joint pains, poor sex desire, and more are ruining your fun.

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To maintain general health, experts have emphasized the importance of following a healthy exercise regimen and eating a balanced diet. This can also improve sex desire and sexual endurance. To keep your sex life interesting, you can also try consuming foods and beverages that increase libido.

Green tea
Green tea is not just a wonder drink for weight loss, but can also rev up your sexual desire. It comprises rich compounds called catechins which promote blood flow to your nether regions. That helps to increase sex drive.

Red wine
Research has shown that wine can increase sexual arousal in both men and women. In fact, if you like it, consuming two glasses of red wine can boost the sex drive in women. In men, red wine can increase testosterone.

It is, however, important not to go overboard.

Banana shake
This combination goes beyond giving your body physical strength and can also increase your sex drive. According to experts, bananas have bromelain enzyme which increases libido and testosterone in men. Don’t think twice before including this in your daily intake to treat low libido.

Coffee, as we all know, is a mood enhancer. Packed with caffeine, coffee is said to be beneficial for sex drive in both men and women.

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