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4 armed robbers attack lady in movie-style, (video)

The video was posted to Twitter by a person going by the handle @Blackkdna on his profile. Since then, it has gone viral and elicited a wide range of responses, the most of which have expressed horror and amazement at the movie-style execution of the attack by the robbers.

The woman can be seen entering her home in the dark on the footage before the burglars, who appear to have set up an ambush for her, rush the building and surround the automobile.

It is not clear yet where and when the robbery took place, but the video shows a young lady, believed to be the maid of the victim, opening the house’s gate for her to drive in, but before she could close the gate, the criminals had caught up with her. She is seen fleeing at the speed of light as soon as she spots the mask-wearing robbers with guns that appear to be AK47s, as well as what also appears to be a machete.

After making their way into the house and surrounding the car, they ordered the woman to open it and come out, but obviously, out of fear, she declined their orders. One of the robbers got infuriated, called for what looked like a machete from his colleague, with which he broke the window glass of the car, opened the door and dragged the victim out.

They dragged the woman into her room where they allegedly stole more of her possessions after taking what they could locate of hers in the car.

The woman’s fate or any other scenes after being pulled inside her room were not depicted in the film, which is thought to be a CCTV recording.

In response to the shocking event, several Twitter users expressed how they would have handled the circumstance if they had been the victim, while others attempted to reassure them that their brain may shut down in such a circumstances.

Many people criticized the woman who opened the gate, claiming that she did not quickly lock it. Others conjectured that she and the thieves were involved, pointing out how the bandits only paid attention to the victim and ignored the person who opened the gate.

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