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How often should a couple have sex?

It’s very normal to question whether you’re engaging in enough sex.

The problem

How can you be sure how much sex you and your partner have is appropriate?

Data analysis

First off, while the frequency of sexual activity between partners varies from person to person, research has found that, on average, people engage in sexual activity 54 times each year.

About 80 times a year, more sex occurs among people in their 20s. However, as they get older, it gets lower.

Psychologists claim that some couples engage in sex up to 14 times per week, while others only do so once.

Everything ultimately comes down to what each couple desires.

The goal of the couple’s sexual activity is to satisfy one another. Each couple must choose a time that works for them.

What if my partner doesn’t want sex but I do?

Couples often experience difficulties having sex because of differences in libido. It is possible for one individual to believe they have a higher libido than the other.

Talking about sexual expectations and aiming to please both our partners and ourselves are two ways to get past this.

Are you too exhausted from work to engage in sexual activity? How are you two going to rekindle the flame? What can your spouse do to increase your sex receptivity?

One of the main problems that most marriages face is dissatisfaction with sex, therefore having open discussions about sexual desires is crucial. Happy couples have fulfilling sex lives.

Increase your foreplay as well. Stressful sex often involves penetration. The importance of oral sex, dry humping, kissing, and other intimate acts cannot be understated.

Should a couple engage in impromptu sex?

Yes, when you’re dating, you can have impromptu sex, but marriage has obligations as well. It’s fine if you schedule a time for sex. If you want, make a sexual schedule.

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