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31-year-old allegedly kills wife in Ada

David Ayornu, 31, also known as Rapper Bee, was arrested by the Ada Police Command in the Greater Accra Region for slicing his wife’s stomach and killing her instantaneously.

Residents of Lufenya, near Kasseh in the Ada East District, said Ayornu stabbed his wife in the gut with a knife and pulled it many times, causing her intestine to rupture.

Chief Superintendent Atsu Dzineku, Ada Divisional Commander, verified the event and subsequent arrest of the culprit in an interview with the Ghana News Agency.

He said the District Police Command on Friday June 03, received information from Nene Glover Ayornu, the Chief of Lufenya, and Mr. Akrofi Mensah the Assembly Member for Amlakpo Electoral Area with two others with a complaint that they heard a loud noise in a nearby room around 0130 hours.

“So, the Chief quickly rushed there because the noise was loud and unusual where he found out that one David Ayornu’s wife, identified as Theresa Kwao was lying dead with the intestine gushed out,” he said.

According to the Chief, the said David Ayornu was in the same room with the woman when they identified that the woman was stabbed to death, so they came for Police assistance to know who caused that.

Police responded quickly to the site, Chief Supt. Dzineku said, and a guy thought to be 31 years old was recognized as a suspect.

“Police were shown the chamber, where a female adult was observed laying in a pool of blood with her face down and her intestine out, wearing just a bead and a trouser.”

He added that a first examination of the body revealed living chest and stomach bones, as well as a sharp knife with blood smears, lying in the room about 2 feet from the body.

According to him, photos were taken and the corpse was brought to Health Star Funeral Services in Kasseh for an autopsy and preservation at Addokope.

The suspect Ayornu had been detained and transferred to the Ada District Hospital, where he was examined and discharged, but he remained in police detention for additional investigations, according to the Ada Divisional Commander.

He said the knife had been collected and was being held with the suspect for the inquiry, and that police were looking into the matter.

It was too soon to figure out what caused Theresa Kwao’s death, according to Chief Supt. Dzineku.

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