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3 Men Who Got Pregnant And Gave Birth For Their Partners

Gone are the days when childbearing is limited to ladies only. Nowadays, a few men have made headlines after they got pregnant and bear kids of their own. Take a look at 3 male celebrities who got pregnant and gave birth to kids.

1. Thomas Beatie


Thomas Beatie is famous for being the first man on earth to bear children. Thomas was assigned female at birth and he came out as transgender back in 1997. He made headlines after he got pregnant and bear a child for his wife Amber Beatie.


Thomas has since given birth to four kids after his first pregnancy and childbirth that went viral.

2. Kayden Coleman


Kayden Coleman is the father of two daughters which were conceived by him. Kayden first got pregnant in 2013 when he was with his former partner Elijah and gave birth to his first daughter Azaelia in 2014.


Six years later in 2020, Kayden got pregnant for his partner Dominique and gave birth to another baby girl which they named Jurnee. Kayden has made several top headlines following his ‘unusual childbirths’ and he currently has an impressive Instagram fanbase. Kayden is a transgender male who changed from female to male, thus explaining his ability to get pregnant.

3. Rodrigo

Rodrigo and his wife, Ellen is a Brazilian couple who made headlines after they welcomed their first daughter in March 2021 who was conceived by Rodrigo. Born as a female, Rodrigo transited into a male and somehow became pregnant instead of his girlfriend Ellen. The couple now has over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram where they share lovely photos.

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