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The GH¢ 1500 Monthly Salary You Receive Is Made In A Day By YouTubers – Kwodwo Sheldon Reveals

Kwadwo Sheldon, a top Ghanaian YouTuber, has recently replied critics who claim that being a YouTuber is not a job
The vibrant host of ‘Yawa of the day’ shared that what some YouTubers make in a day is the monthly salary of some ‘traditional’ 9-5 workers in Ghana
Netizens who saw his post refused to hold back their comments
Kwadwo Sheldon, well-known Ghanaian YouTuber and host of the popular show, ‘Yawa of the day’, has recently taken to social media to bash Ghanaians who claim YouTube is not a job.

Kwadwo Sheldon’s Twitter post sighted by had him sharing that some YouTubers make Ghc1500 a day from what they do, but that same amount is what some full-time workers make in a month.

He shared this saying that some Ghanaians do not regard YouTube as a profession.

Top Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon reply critics who say YouTube is not a job
Kwadwo Sheldon: Some Ghanaian YouTubers make Ghc1500 per day which is the Monthly Salary of some 5-9 Workers Photo credit: @kwadwosheldon, @/Instagram
The way some of you Dey look down on this YouTube thing but your salaries be Ghc1500 a month really Dey Borst mind .. ah well
Netizens react massively after finding some GH graduates receive just 3 figure salaries
Your take home money at the end of the month be something, a serious YouTuber fit make it in a day but somehow you think you are better
Netizens who saw his post seemed to have a lot to say about it.

A few of the comments have been highlighted below;
@Tindam_ commented:

Technically, you’re in the top percentile of YouTube earners in Ghana. Your mates in the top percentile of other fields would have to make less than you for this point to be valid. People earn, not everyone talks about it
From @NanaKwadjoAJ:

But that same 1,500 are those who watch your videos for you to be paid by YouTube. Or you buy internet bundle for them?
@dcent_etornam wrote:

1500 kraa be too much ,some people still take home 600 ,700gh
@Hector_1st replied:

It hasn’t sunk to them that success lies at the opposite side of the Pool .Once u decided not to follow the rat race they will tag u,lazy,drop out or look down upon u. But when they see how much u take in monthly,they say How or why?They don’t know we work longer hours than 9-5.
Netizen gets many sharing 1st ever salaries they received as fresh graduates
From @justboison:


In this stupid country work is defined by waking up at 4:30am leave home 5am sit in trosky for hours get to sit in some small corner for 8-9 hours get home around 8-9pm then everybody is happy. Miss work for just a day and the whole country will ask you why you are in the house earlier reported that popular Ghanaian YouTuber and host of Yawa of the Day, Kwadwo Sheldon, paid GHc700 to top up the school fees of a final year KNUST student who was unable to sit for his final examination due to the deficit.

Sheldon made the kind gesture to Shadrack Ashong Martey after his story was shared on Twitter with many retweeting to get a helper for the young man to be able to write his papers and graduate.

The original post was from Knust Notice Board with the handle @KNUSTNotice which read:

A final year KNUST student needs about GHC 700 to complete the payment of his school fees in order to be able to register for his final examination.

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