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Hookup Lady Reveals What Some Rich Men Do To Ladies These Days

Hookup has become the trend these days. There are many young ladies who have ventured into hookup and when they are approached and interviewed, they would say that they are doing that to cater for their families. Some also make it clear that they love the quick money they get through that and the knacking as well.

This woman was interviewed on SVTV where she talked about her journey in the hookup business. According to her, she’s doing that because she likes it. According to her, you may work for someone and the person would even decide not to pay you but for hookup, you take your money, you get pounded and that is all.

She also revealed that she is doing it so that she would get money to cater for her two wards. According her, that is the best thing now since she is not having any lucrative job. For her, hookup is just like having a boyfriend. He will sleep with you and also provide you with money.

She also talked about what some rich men do to ladies. According to her, some rich men will even sleep with you before helping you out of a situation or, they may even decide not to help you after they have slept with you. For her, going to a certain rich man for help and he demanding that affair, it is the same as doing hookup.

“ Some ladies even go to these men for help and they would sleep with them before they offer them help and even, they me deceive the ladies by offering them no help”. – she said.


In conclusion, she gave advise that if you are doing something, just be yourself, focus and it will succeed. This is what was said about this hookup lady. Please like, share and follow for more of these stories. Thank You!


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